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Little Scary Viking Girl

25 November
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A viking on a horse? Why yes!

Or maybe not, it's just that this journal is especially for my horses and medieval stuff rambling. The one time I tried to ride Vanilla with something similar to a sword, she freaked out, so I decided to drop that idea.

So I practice sword fighting, viking style. Viking style becaue I love vikings AND because they had the best kind of swords. Small ones, used with one hand, so you can also carry a shield or buckler. Apart from sword fighting I love ponies. And horses, as long as they look like big ponies. Have an obsession for Shetland ponies and Haflingers, most pretty and cool creatures ever <3 I get riding lessons every tuesday and apart from that, I usually get to ride on other days, too.

Obsession one: Middle Ages
My obsession for the Middle Ages started when I was about 6 or 7 when I got some knights Lego for my birthday. A few years later I had tons of it and built castles with my mom, in which brave knights with beautiful horses jousted and killed dragons for the pretty lady of the castle. Although a lot of time, they just tamed the dragon and kept it as a pet, I was nice like that XD

When I got older and learned more about the Middle Ages, I got and bought books about it and visited events and castles. And the Land van Ooit, loved their knight show! But that's a black mark in my history ^^;

And now... I go to sword fighting training every wednesday evening. I'm a member of the de LHO, de Landen van Herwaerts Over, which is a big Middle Ages re-enactment association in Holland. I still visit events, and now I can even be active, play a viking etc. Never done that, but will have one in September, in my fave park, Het Archeon.

Apart from fighting, I really enjoy listening to medieval music. May it be original work, or metal/rock/folk music with medieval influences, like Subway to Sally, In Extremo, Rapalje and much more.

Obsession two: Ponies
Just like most young girls, I've loved ponies since I was 5 or so. And like lots of girls, I had my first riding lesson when I was 8. Unlike most girls, I am still obsessed with ponies. With ponies, I mean Shetland ponies, Haflingers, Fjord ponies, Icelandic ponies, etc. I do like horses, but they have to be cold blooded. So basicly that means horses that look a bit like giant ponies XD for example Shires, Belgium work horse etc. I like them big and chubby! There's one exception, though: The Frisian <3

But Shetlanders and Haflingers will always be my fave ponies <3

So.. My first riding lesson was when I was eight, on a cool white pony called Bert. It was on a huge manege, in a lesson group of 12 people. Their ponies were boring, they just followed the group, except for two: Fury a bucking idiot and a cute black pony, Boelie, who was slow. Apparently I was the only one who enjoyed riding them, so I got to, every week. I did not mind :D

Then after two years there, I moved to Ponyclub Oudervrucht, together with my best buddy. That was quite a change! Instead of groups of 12, I was in a group of 5, instead of following eachother, we had to ride for ourselves. And the ponies didn't listen very good XD Even Boelie and Fury were super good listening ponies compared to the Oudervrucht bunch. I loved it. When I was there for less than a year, Cora asked me to take over Roadey from her, as she had two ponies on loan and was getting too busy with school. I accepted it happily and had my little Roadey on loan for about 3 years, untill Sylvia asked me to take Vanilla over from her, as she was quitting. So I did that, and with pain in my heart (really!) I gave Roadey to my little sister. Luckily Rolo is still at the same stable, so I still see him every time I'm there.

Vanilla and I make a silly couple. Funny is, we look the same (except I'm more human like :P) we act the same and I bet we also think the same XD No, really I mean it. It's great ^__^ Apart from Vanilla, I also have Clarien. She's not really my pony on loan, but Ilonka's, but when Ilonka can't come, I go. So that's pretty cool. Love Clarien too, weird girl she is.

Well, that's what this journal about, a weird pony loving girl who is a Viking at wednesday nights. If you add me, please comment because I hardly look at my friends.. thing. So I won't notice :P